Urban Development and Construction

Urban Development Law and construction at a national, province and local levels.  Legal advice and assessment in proceedings before the public administration and with individuals.

  • Advice on the various aspects of the initial stages, management and the execution of land planning projects to important national and international developers and owners of office buildings, residences, business parks, technology parks and shopping centres, as well as to Public Administrations.
  • Legal advice in the execution of development works and processing of public authorizations licences and permits in order to completely establish the project.
  • Land planning rules and regulations:: solution of conflicts between legal resources for the protection of the public properties and the interests of individuals.
  • Intervention of the Public Administration: surface rights, rights of first refusal, execution orders, urban development companies, etc
  • Property Register and Urban Authorities.
  • Work contracts and subcontracting. Execution of works and services agreements. Limitation of liabilities and adaptation to the new regulations.
  • Legal defence in front of civil and contractual liabilities derived from delays and defects in the construction works.
  • Legal advice in the constructions regulations.
  • Agreements with mediators.