Banking and Finance

  • Review and drafting of financial agreements: our team of lawyers will carefully review the client’s agreements, so as to improve the client’s position before the bank entity. If necessary they will negotiate as well eventual abusive clauses so as to abolish them.
  • Claims and complaints before the bank entities: In case that the client does not agree with any actions or performances carried out by his/her bank entity (related with commissions, interests, etc.), our team will assist the client so as to file whatsoever claims may be deemed suitable either before the customer service or before the relevant departments of the bank entity. Said claims can also be filed before the Bank of Spain- If the case deals with investment funds or securities, claims will be filed before the National Securities and Exchange Commission  (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores); and if instead claims are related with insurance agreements or pension plans, claims will be filed before the General Directorate for Insurances and Pension Funds (Dirección General de Seguros y Fundos de Pensiones)..
  • Abusive clauses: are those that go against good faith. Negotiation of the same is not allowed. They cause an unbalanced situation between the rights and obligations included in the agreement. Consumers and users are left utterly defenceless  before the bank entities. Our team, therefore, will help clients make sure abusive  clauses are not included in their agreements with bank entities . In case there are any abusive clauses, we make sure the same are abolished.

Renegotiation of financial agreements. Our team of lawyers will make proceedings so as to improve the conditions of your agreements and to renegotiate the same with the corresponding bank entities.

  • RAI – ASNEF.- RAI and ASNEF are two of the Delinquent Accounts Registries in Spain available to bank entities, supply companies (electricity, etc.).

RAI is the Register where non-payments are registered. It keeps the most detailed negative information on companies (such as information on non-paid promissory notes, cheques, bills of exchange, etc.) As soon as the non-payment takes place, registration occurs automatically. In order to cancel this information, the provision of certain documentation on the part of the company is required (cancellation therefore does not take place concurrently with payment of the debt) such as proves of payment, conformity letter, etc.. Our team will take care of carrying out the said arrangements and processes needed so as to cancel said information as soon as possible, since it implies a serious damage to companies’ reputation..

ASNEF is the national association of credit financial companies. It registers the non-paid debts both of individuals as of companies.