Inmaculada Juárez Marroquí

Ms. Inmaculada is the founding partner of “Juarez Bufete Internacional S.L.P.”

She is a Law graduate from Murcia University and a member of the Madrid Bar.

Her extensive training and formal educational background in international private law, commercial law and procedural law has equipped her to lead one of the most prestigious teams within the legal profession.

Ms. Inmaculada C. Juárez is an expert in International Private Law. She has worked for numerous years in various areas of International trade and export, from which she derives deep expertise in International Commercial agreements.

She has a title from the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and a title in  Business from London Guidhall University.

She is Professor of International Private Law for multiple Masters programs focusing on the corporate sector.  She is also Professor in the area of “International Agreements” at the “Training and Employment Institute” of Madrid.

Her knowledge has been further broadened by attending different courses at “Murcia’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation”, at the British Chamber of Commerce” in Spain and in “London Guildhall University”. She also attended coursework on Legal English for Commercial Contracts hosted by MADRID BAR ASSOCIATION.

Lecturer at many conferences on International Private Law targeting companies’ executives and lawyers.

She has specialized in other areas as well: Criminal Law (University of Salamanca), National & International Taxation, Family Law, Inheritance Law and Ecclesiastic Law (she is also an authorized lawyer by La Rota Tribunal in Alicante, having sentencing power to annul marriages).

Languages: English and Spanish. Specialized in Legal English (by the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia and the Bar Association of Madrid).