Mr. Jaime de Paz Campillos

Graduate in Economics and Business Administration (Universidad Complutense of Madrid). Masters Degree on Audit and Major Accountancy  (Universidad Carlos III), Economist Auditors Public Register. Member of the following Official Registres:  Account Auditors, Economist Auditors, Economics and Tax Consultants,  Forensic Economists and Economists experts on Accoutancy and Finantial Information. He was the Chief Finantial Officer of the Business Group “Alonso Pineda” and economist auditor in the following bureaus:  “Audice, S.L.” and “Ábaco, S.L.”. He intervened as auditor in many bankruptcy proceedings and has issued important audit reports for very important industrial and financial companies. Manager member of the following companies: “Ad Veritas, S.L.P.” Chief Executive of “Acero Toledano, S.A.”, “Aceritec, S.A.”, “Bul – Landing, S.L.” and of “Bul – Landing Consultores, S.L.”.